Hi, I´m Galina,

I was born in Uzbekistan of russia. Later I grow up in a small village near Smolensk. When I was 18, I got a tumor in my left leg. It made a lot of pain. So I was sad about my amputation and to the same time happy that the pain was gone. But then starts a completly new life. Everywhere the people don´t like and accept me anymore. So I decided to stay mostly at home. Then Tatjana from Amphouse invited me to a shooting and I saw, that I could be an attractive girl. Then I was married with a man from Canada. I got a Baby, but now I´m divorced and my daughter is 6 years old. Now I have a very hard live in russia, because I have to care for wood for heating, food and care about my daugher. I just get from the goverment about 100 EUR/month for everything. Thats all.